Peterborough's Longest Serving Station! Radio 5 started in 1971 and continued until the early 1990's when Radio 5 became Radio 590 following the BBCs introduction of it's own Radio 5.


Radio 590 continued until 2012 when it was felt the station needed a new name to go with it's brand new studio within the regions new Super Hospital and so Radio 590 became City Hospital Radio.

Catering for a variety of musical tastes. Rock, Pop, R&B and Punk, whatever it is you want to hear we are ready and willing to play it for you.


Complete a request slip and drop it into the Studios very own postbox, you will find it right outside the studio in the main attrium of the city hospital.

Sunday Service 12-2pm


Join Chris Bennett and one of the pastoral team live every Sunday for music and spiritual conversation.

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